The goal is to build a self-sustaining B corporation that helps people gain independence.

1 Start, Al.

2 Host open blues/rock jam at a rented venue one night a week for several months.
(get sponsor(s) to help with the tab)

3 Add another night by hosting an open mic night for several months.

4 Build and promote the jams with THE moving exhibit

5 Host several meet and greets during the day with a band that supports the message.

6 Host and promote an event: concert or blues and bar-b-que.

7 Develop business plan, get partners, create the first club.

8 Create mobile kitchen for club and use to promote at events (like cheese steaks or smoothies).

9 Fine tune the business, add self-funding product lines, make more profitable to expand.

10 Expand.

11 Purchase land for low-cost, long-term residence.

12 Build self-sustaining community (an example is regen village).