After researching many different types of housing for individuals, the houses built in Quixote Village appear to be the best selection for a couple of reasons.  First, the materials are the least expensive (see material's list below).  Next, the skill set used in the construction is easier to learn and more universally applied.   Skills learned are framing, roofing, window & door installation, plumbing, hvac, electrical, etc.  In addition, the size and simplicity of these houses makes it possible to build offsite and transport to the site location.  This makes it possible for churches and other organizations to build the house at their location and transport it to the final site.

Quixote Village - http://quixotevillage.com/


Plans by LaMar Alexander (Simple Solar Homestead - http://www.simplesolarhomesteading.com/)

TinyHouse_Design TinyHouse_Interior

Architecture Model

The architecture model is used for visualizing the construction.

TinyHouse_170924 TinyHouse2_170924

This particula interior has no bathroom.

Permits & Codes
This structure is small enough to be built offsite and transported making it easier to get more groups involved.

State of Texas Building Moving Permit Info

Building Permit Example
Building Permit Example (2009)

Texas Code
Texas Building Code
Texas Dept of Insurance Building Codes

Texas Zoning Info

Material List