Kanuba provides inexpensive, substance free activities for people struggling with addiction or people who just want a place to go that is free from drugs and alcohol.


To provide a path for recovery through social activities, service, and work related activities that build confidence and skills necessary to live independent.


Kanuba was conceived out of years of experiencing the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse with friends and family.  The cycle of rehab, transitional living, counseling, and groups may be enough for some people but not for all.  The idea behind Kanuba is to create an environment to socialize without an "agenda" and without drugs and alcohol.   Live Music was a natural choice to get started.  Let's hope we can help others get on track to a happy and productive life.  

About the Name

The name comes from the Polynesian island tribe Oaka Kanuba.  Kanuba was an atoll that provided all of the necessities for maintaining a simple but purposeful life. 

Oaka Kanuba - A Lost Polynesian Tribe  The story of the Oaka Kanuba tribe has been past down through generations. An archeologist research team led by Sydney A. Davenport sailed from Australia to find the islands. All of the information on the history of the islands is based on stories told by natives and the archeologists studying how other islands in the area were founded. The islands were founded about 410 A. D. by a group of natives from one of the nearby islands. The natives were led by a good king by the name of Oaka. He, like many other explorers, made complicated navigation charts of sticks and clam shells, and he also traveled by the direction of the stars. He hoped to find new and better lands. His wife named Kanuba, and son, named Zubachy, and many other natives set sail to find the new land. A storm hit the group and King Oaka's boat sank. King Oaka, his wife, and several other natives drowned in the mishap. Zubachy, the son of King Oaka and married to Lakateii, led the group now because his father had taught him about the navigation charts and stars. He led the group to find the two uninhabited islands: a volcanic island and an atoll. The volcanic island was named after Oaka and the atoll was named after Kanuba. In the lagoon on the Island of Kanuba the fish were plentiful, the coconut trees were all over the island, and the beautiful women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.